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At JAZZ HAIR STUDIO, we stay up to date with the best techniques and latest trends, always looking to provide Belleville's best hair salon experience.


  • First-time visit $20 off your first visit of $50.

  • New Talent Special $69 colour root touch-up comes with cut and/or blowdry style at no extra charge.

  • New talent 10 foils Special $89 Cut and style at no extra charge 

  • Send us a new haircut guest and YOU receive a thank you gift of …$10 off an hour of service ( cut )

  • Send us a new colour guest and YOU receive $20 off your next hour or more service ( colour service ) 

    Some restrictions apply 

Hair Salon Promos in Belleville


Gender Neutral Pricing 


There are currently 4 US states tha enforce the PINK TAX law. It’s a law that prevents businesses from charging a higher price for a similar service based on gender . Mens cuts and hair product have always been priced %30 lower than a woman’s similar cut and product  . This has never been a fair way of pricing and our guests are wanting a change .

we are proud to be offering services based on TIME not GENDER . 


We want to lead by example , encouraging other salons  everywhere to embrace this system. We support  diversity and change . Our salon company  is safe place for  LGBQT 

Level 2.  $60 / hr

Level 3.   $65 / hr

Level 4.  $70 / hr

Level 4+ reb $80 /hr

Lev 5. $90 /hr


Colour Touch Up - 4oz
End Refresh
De - Colour
Foils - Partial Head
Foils - Full Head
Foils - Just a few
Balayage Express
Colour Correction
Men's Camouflage Colour

(Grey Blending) 

Level 2.  $60 / hr

Level 3.   $65 / hr

Level 4.  $70 / hr

Level 4+ reb $80 /hr

Lev 5. $90 /hr

HAirstyling in Belleville
Hair Extensions Belleville


Priced by in-salon consult prior to scheduled visit 

Hotheads Extensions / Hairpieces 


Color Correction 

(Urgent or makeover) 

Extensions For Hair in Belleville


Special Events
Bridesmaids /
Bridal Up Do's
Grads and Proms

$60 - $100
$85 - $100

$40 - $85


Extra Flat Iron or
curling on thicker hair


to target specific needs


Heat Cure
Hair reconstructor

Level 2.  $60 / hr

Level 3.   $65 / hr

Level 4.  $70 / hr

Level 4+ reb $80 /hr

Lev 5. $90 /hr


Book today and let Belleville's hottest hairstylists team create the best look for you!

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